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The healing modalites used to  support your healing journey.


Bloodwork Is Vital !


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Welcome To Be Well- Mind Body Soul

Turiya Spriggs, Cert Bloodwork Analyst,  FDN-P,  RDH, B.S


As a Certified Bloodwork Analyst & FDN-P -we initally use the Bloodwork labs your Drs has already order to uncover

HIDDEN STRESSORS that may be causing your health issues. If further specialty testing is necessary we  use functional testing towards your healing journey.

Why we use bloodwork-

Bloodwork is a cost-effective option, as your doctor likely already has access to the labs needed to perform the tests. We can use your previous labs from the past two years to the present. If you don’t have recent labs, you can have your doctor order the specific panels that we need. Ask for the list, or we can order them for you.


Bloodwork can:

  • Show over 90 biomarkers that provide comprehensive information about your health

  • Help detect health issues before they become more serious

  • Provide insight into your overall health

  • Identify risk factors for certain diseases

  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments and medications

  • Track progress towards health goals

  • Identify areas for improvement  

Bloodwork is read from a functional standpoint, not from a disease standpoint as allopathic doctors do. Functional ranges are much narrower and help guide the body into an optimum state of health, which is how functional bloodwork differs.

If further testing is needed, we can order specialty tests after completing a three to four month protocol.

My mission, as a legacy project, is to teach you how to read the five markers in your CBC (Complete Blood Count) so that you can take control of your own health and the health of your families. By understanding these markers, you can detect hidden stressors before they lead to dysfunction and disease.


What is our role and what is an FDN-P?

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner/ That's my fault oner is to work with the body as an entire system mind/body/organism!

What does Functional Diagnostic Nutrition depict?

Functional:  indicates working with and respecting the innate intelligence of the bod y;  how the body really works; it's desire for equilibrium and balance i.e. (homeostasis).

Diagnostic:  with "functional" means finding healing  opportunities; uncovering opportunities to evoke the healing response; and ​identifying (and removing) obstacles to recovery​.

Nutrition:  to nurture and feed the cells, tissues, organs and systems-the whole organism; to provide everything the body genetically requires.

 What we don't do is chasing symptoms; we believe the symptoms aren't the problem- they are the result of the problem. Everyone is unique, therefore, a program and/or products may work for one and may not work for another. Our practitioners will work to adjust your protocol and programs accordingly.

Our Motto is: We Test We Don't Guess!  We initally use the bloodwork  from your Dr . that you already  have to dect the hidden stressors before they become symptoms

Our Method is:  Together we cultivate and maintain your best health . This is done using a variety of tools and methods including discovering foods that are right for your body; earthing ,running lab tests to uncover healing opportunities within the hormone, immune, digestion  , energetic grounding  and detoxification systems; f acilitating, guiding, and holding you accountable on an all-natural protocol with lifestyle changes where we can reasonably expect your unwanted health condition (s) to improve, or even go away completely; teaching a model of self-care in which you gain the freedom to dictate your own health to its highest potential and don’t need us anymore.

 5 Pillars to Health

Keep in mind, one pillar is not more or less important than the other- all must be performed together to get the body back into homeostasis/balance!

How Do We Work to Get You Better? 

 We use functional lab testing to identify malfunctions and healing   opportunities within the 

Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Earthing ,Detoxification, Energy Production, and  the Nervous Systems. 

H.I.D.D.E.N internal stressors and dysfunctions highly correlate with the most common health  complaints.

FDN Holistic Grounding Program- uses drug free protocol and behavior program supporting the body's innate healing ability.

We use D.R.E.S.S for Health Success Program to coach up "vital reserve" and coach down"metabolic chaos."

  This process is so effective- it's trademarked!


D igestive System - h stro ng digestive healthsupports your immune system. If you have leaky gut , dysbiosis, incomplete digestion, gut infections, or an inflamed gut, it can affect your immunity, therefore, affecting the absorption of the foods you are eating.

Have you ever seen one person do well on a specific diet and someone else try it and fail on it? The reason being is not all Diets are right for every person.

Your gentic makeup is as unique as you.

Client "A" with health problem "X" gets well on protocol "Z"

Client "B" with health problem "X" has no change on protocol "Z"

Client "C" with health problem"X" gets worst on protocol "Z"

Ultimate effect of a food or nutrient on the body is not dependent on intrinsic value of the food or nutrient itself.

The variable is the person!

Here is where we do the Food Sensitivity and the Metabolic Typing Tests.

What I discovered was even though I was eating organic and healthy selections of greens and/or meats, my body at that moment didn't want them. For example: I was juicing and/or eating salads with carrots, spinach, green peppers, cabbage, grapes, green peas, grapes, beef and turkey, but these healthy organic foods were affecting my internal health without any outward signs.

We link these to internal stressors.!

“...the immune system and the gut microbiota developed a mutualistic relationship, regulating one another and cooperating to support each other. The importance of this interaction is clearly highlighted by the fact that 70–80% of the body’s immune cells are found in the gut. 

To support your gut, I always encourage a top-down approach. This starts with chewing your food and eating slowly, plus supporting digestion with enzymes, HCL, and bitters.

Avoid sugars and processed foods that feed unfriendly bacteria. Treat gut infections with botanicals like Biocidin, a broad-spectrum antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial tincture only after gut testing and under the supervision of a practitioner. 





If you are staying up late watching TV, reel it in! Get off blue light screens at least one hour prior to bedtime. Spend some time unwinding, reading, taking a walk, taking a bath, etc. Turn the lights down around your home. Try to be in bed by 10 PM.

If you are waking during the night, this often indicates a blood sugar issue. As an inflamed brain uses extra  glucose , your body is tapping its stores of fuel during the night.

You may need to eat more often during the day for now. Focus on nutrient-dense whole foods like avocado, wild and free-range meats, raw nuts, and vegetables.

The body does its healing at night especially between the hours of 1-4 and most people wake during 2-3 when the bodies energy is needed for healing and detoxification. Without proper sleep and proper circadian rhythm being able to support your body you cant heal.

Earthing Land earthing standing, sitting, walking and or lying on a chemically free ground can give you support when your body isn't strong enough to do it alone. Let mother earth help you.  The thing to keep in mind is the property must not be

sprayedwith any chemicals 90 to 120 days is best but the longer is best. Also make sure you remove your shoes when entering your home as not to cross contaminate. Earthing can be a major supportive part of the healing processve found is amazing service. I offer this on the grounds of my new healing facility. 




When you are tired and symptomatic, you may not feel like exercising. But exercise sends oxygen to the brain and actually repairs the damage.

Any type of exercise is helpful so start where you are now. But do try to keep increasing the variety and intensity of your exercise.

Here is the point that your lab results provide instite into the function of your adrenals and the starting point of excericse. 

For some this could me just walking intending to get up to 6,000 per day for others;this could be jumping rope or using a mini-trampoline a few times a day.

If your test results indicate you are in the exhaustive phase this does not mean to do Crossfit if it’s too much for you! If you can’t recover well from your work-out, it’s too much. 

But do challenge yourself to try new forms of exercise. Burst training, short bursts of intense exercise, are especially helpful for the brain. You will get there be gentle, persistent and patient with yourself!


Stress can be Internal and External

"Stress is any influence, internal or external, that causes or leads to malfunction.”  There are: Mental/Emotional/Spiritual

(contributors to Metabolic Chaos)

  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Excitement
  • Existential Angst
  • Lack of purpose
  • Covertness
  • Negative perceptions
  • Bad att itude

Supplmentation Personalized

Not all supplements are created equal. Yes, i would say taking something if your ill will help your condition. However, must supplements on the shelf of big box stores and grocery stores are lower quality have fillers and void quality and quantity.

  However,again we test to determine if you are suffering from any key vitamins, minerals and or key micro nutrients deficiencies.

There are some key supplements all would benefit from:


There are 5 Simple yet not easy steps that lead to health!

In today's world, it's challenging to obtain all the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. Our soil has been depleted by the practices of conventional agriculture. Produce is picked before ripening (when the nutrient profile is at its peak) to survive lengthy storage and shipping. Our modern food supply leans more toward the highly processed while whole, nutritious foods play less of a role in the standard American diet. Adding insult to injury, the fast-paced, high-stress, technology-saturated lifestyle we live burns through the body's resources, depleting nutrients and promoting inflammation and disease.

Though it's best to consult with a functional practitioner when navigating the world of supplementation, there are a few foundational supplements that tend to be no-brainers for most people.


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