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Turiya Spriggs

Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner FDN-P,B.S

My Story: From Pain To Purpose

After years of being afflicted with mysterious and debilitating heath issues and praying for direction and answers, I took action. The need also arose from the fact that I wasted so much time, energy, and money going through the traditional healthcare system and trial and error guessing on my own nutritional and supplemental program; only to find myself back to where I started –––sick. My type A personality kicked in when my energy should have been spent on my healing. In order to find solutions to the cause of my bodies health crisis I enrolled in a self paced course, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, FDN, that normally takes a year to complete and finished it in three months. I totally focused on the course. Partially because I was excited to learn, as I’ve always been interested in medicine, psychology, health and wellbeing. However, it was more that I was scared to death that I had early on set Alzheimers. I wanted answers: Why did I feel this way? It should be like this. Then there was my breast implants which I’ll elaborate on later.

In the past I’d considered becoming a Health Coach but didn’t feel as I had the proper tools and reliable products that would give me repeatable success to support myself and you. Now, that I have had the training along with the tools and products I used to support my healing journey, I can move forward to help others. It has been a challenging journey with many learning curves. I continue to learn while I’m on the triumphant road to a full recovery.

My 14 siblings and I grew up in the country and were raised by a mother who strongly believed in the power of natural remedies. She would employ them for different ailments. These remedies were carefully passed on as family traditions from one generation to another. I seemed to have keen interest in these protocols with roots, herbs and tinctures while clinging to them as a treasured gift.

When I was 16, I had an appendectomy. When I was 21, I had an ectopic pregnancy. Somehow those procedures felt unnatural and wrong, and I vowed to never lose another organ or to be sick in my life. Unfortunately, this plan failed as I developed breast implant illness later in my life.

I decided to get implants after the birth of my daughter which was 32 years ago. I just wanted to feel attractive again. Immediately I noticed drastic changes in my body. Frankly, it was the most painful thing I had ever done to myself. After surgery it felt as if an elephant had its foot on the inside of chest trying to get out. However, after a few days the pain and inflammation subsided, and I was back to my normal routine, or so I thought.

Fast forward 25 years. I developed the first adverse effects in my eyes. I remember trying to get colored contacts. The eye doctor advised that I needed an eye exam for the contacts to be released. During the exam he urged me to be admitted to John Hopkins Eye Institute to see a glaucoma specialist. I was prescribed eye drops and eventually ended up needing two surgeries to open ducts in my right eye and one in my left as a preventative procedure.

I started noticing disturbing symptoms such as word recollection and spelling difficulties and other cognitive issues. During one of my annual mammograms my doc found close to 50 cysts in my breasts. That’s when I intuitively started feeling that my breasts could be the cause of these new worrisome health developments. On top of that, I was going through the tremendous stress of a divorce and a move to Florida. The stress accelerated the demise of my health. I started having sleep issues and hot flashes, as well. I turned to western medicine to manage these new health challenges, but deep down I knew I did not want to take pharmaceuticals long term. While dealing with these new symptoms and trying to manage them, I ended up contracting listeria. It took me a long time to recover from it.

My health issues were overtaking my life. To make matters worse I began to suffer from unbearable exhaustion, nose bleeds, brain fog, and dizziness. But when my eye doc told me I could go blind in a year because they couldn’t seem to control the blood pressure in my eyes, I decided that I needed to be proactive and take the matters more seriously.

I was so distraught I finally confined in a good friend who asked for my permission to post my story on her Facebook page as she was connected to a lot of health care providers. Someone responded asking if I had implants and to call her right away. Soon I discovered something I was unaware even existed and called BII, Breast Implant Illness.

Within the next 2 weeks the two-grief causing toxic objects were out of my body, and I thought it would be it. But 34 years of toxins don’t just magically vanish from being stored in fat deposit crossing the blood brain barrier and affecting every system in my body. So I embarked on a long journey of detox, recovery, and healing. I learned how to let go and be patient with the process and kind to my body. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So, here I am now From Pain to Purpose. I am a functional health coach, FDN-P, helping my clients to gain their health and lives back. I remember seeing a quote under the picture of a half-moon which stood out to me. “I don’t have to be whole to shine.”

So, let’s work this out together, I’ve been where you are!



Why Choose Us 

Our Core Competencies as an FDN Practitioners: We

Possess the ability to clearly identify healing opportunities and areas of health that need improvement and to coach people to achieve their desired results


Our Mission 

To Educate as Many People as Possible How to

 "Get Well and Stay Well Naturally" 

So That They, in Turn, May Educate Others

FDN-P Turiya

I intend to educate, inspire and empower you so that I am the last clinician  you as a client need .

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