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Healing Is Simple But Not Easy!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and cant figure out why?

 Are you still asking yourself any of these questions:

  •  Have you been suffering from mysterious chronic issues for years or perhaps just started having minor symptoms such as fatigue and achy joints?
  • Have you already addressed your concerns with your doctor only to be offered pharmaceuticals that are meant to mask the symptoms and often give side effects with no real relief?
  •  Have you given up to achieve your optimal health and became convinced that you will not restore that vibrant energy and feel good again? 

I can reassure you that body is magical, and all it wants to heal. Body has the power to heal, and it just needs the right tools to    help it do its job. Here’s where professionals like myself come very handy. As a functional medicine practitioner, my philosophy is to treat the root cause of the problem using gentle holistic means with no side effects restoring your health and giving you your life back. 

During my consults ,I utilize a thorough questionnaire and try to get as many details as possible to access the health concerns and to determine which lab tests would be necessary. My clients always get a general treatment/ supplements/ lifestyle change (DRESS) protocol after the consult to start nourishing and preparing body for a detox/reboot. After we receive test results and have a clear picture of what exactly is going on, I create a unique sophisticated protocol that will address every health issue. I believe in “low and slow” approach starting on a low dose of supplements and increasing slowly while carefully observing the body’s response.

I understand that for some clients a drastic lifestyle change could be overwhelming and stressful. Also, some might not have financial resources to invest in all of the labs and supplementation. Therefore, I provide different treatment options/plans based on your health status/needs, budget and duration preferences. Payment plan option is also available.


Jump Start/Bronze

Are you in pretty decent health, but have been looking to lose a few pounds,improve your energy and overall well-being? Perhaps, you are looking for some guidance on how to avoid health issues in the future and strengthen your immune system? This program might be for you. For the duration of three months I will assess your current health status using questionnaires and customized labs select just for you and then provide you with results and recommendations over the next 3 months to include:diet, rest, exercise,stress reduction and supplementation. Followed by a total of 5 consults. Ready to accomplish this goal lets get started. I am going to be your biggest cheerleader.

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Have you been struggling with health issues for quite some time? Do they interfere with your daily routine? You have tried medications and perhaps some lifestyle changes but do not see a drastic change? If you answered yes to those questions, you might have some ongoing underlying issues that need to be carefully researched and looked into. This program might be the best fit for you. For the duration of 6 months we will...



Have you had serious chronic health conditions for many years that leave you barely functioning? Have you gone to many doctors and tried many protocols (whiteout much success) and just need someone who thinks outside of the box to find that final piece for the puzzle? This program is definitely for you. This programrequires  staying the course andincorporating  mind body and soul to get to the other side. Is this you willing do whatever it takes? 

                                This is what can be included in your program....


The Healing House has these modalites to support you in your healing. 

Ask how many of these are included in your package. You can mix modalities but required some of each!


   Infrared Sauna          Benefit


Chrometherapy Hot Tub


What Is Earthing?

Compare the services and  packages and  choose the best fit for you

 answers the questions completely and thoroughly hit submit then book an appointment

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What is your main health complaint? *

What have you tried so far that has or has not worked? **

What is your current diet like? Please be specific: list breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, as well as the times you eat. *

What would you like your health to be in 3 months from now? How about 6 months from now? **

What obstacles, challenges, and struggles do you face regarding diet/lifestyle? **

If we were to work together what would you expect to achieve from working with me? **

What are 5 things you LOVE about your life? **

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Prepping For Your Immune Building and Detoxing Discovery Session!

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